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CCIK Grace-Filled Girls Club

CCIK Grace-Filled Girls Club

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Hey girl! Do you never buy anything for yourself? Would you like to treat yourself to some happy mail each month? Here at CCIK, we have the perfect solution for you— introducing our original, Grace-Filled Girls Club!

Join our Grace-Filled Girls club for a reoccurring subscription bag each month! Our GFGC bags ship right to your door with FREE SHIPPING! Yep, that’s right- free shipping!

•What’s included in your GFGC bag?•
Each GFGC bag includes an exclusive tee designed by our owner, Kaleigh, and fun accessories that match! It’s a surprise each month, you never know what you’ll be getting! You never know what will await you inside! These are the same amazing quality tees you all are used to getting from us here at CCIK, they’re just exclusive designs to GFGC club members only! They will not be available for individual sale.

•How much does the GFGC monthly bag cost?•
$34.99 + tax!


{Can you cancel your GFGC subscription if you need to?}
You can cancel your subscription at any time. We just ask that you give us 1 week notice before the payment charges your account. Please email us:

{When does the payment come out?}
Payment automatically comes out on the first of each month. (First time purchasers- it will skip the first billing cycle, so it won’t charge you twice!)

{When will you expect to receive your GFGC bag?}
Bags will ship right to your door after/around the 15th of each month!

We can’t wait to welcome you to the GFGC, friend!

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