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Small Town Girl NLH Bangle Bracelet

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{Never Lose Hope Designs}
Returning home brokenhearted, asked the Lord what could she do that could make a long-term impact on the lives of the children she met. She kept thinking, “I don’t want them to lose hope. “

Thus in 2015, Marcia created the jewelry and accessories line called Never Lose Hope Designs. This beautiful, handcrafted line is accented with motivational sentiments meant to inspire, encourage and uplift all those who wear them.

A portion from all sales are donated to give hope and help to a child in need.

This expandable antique bronze bangle bracelet compliments any outfit perfectly. Add another bracelet to this adorable piece to make it your own personal stack! These bracelets are made to fit most wrists. Each bracelet might have a slight variation in bead color, design, & silver/gold accent pieces.
Made in United States of America